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Every skin needs different skincare routine. Our Skin Quiz will examine your skin concerns and create a personalized skin care formula that will work specifically for your skin.

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Due to high demand of our personalized skincare products, sometimes we temporary close our skin quiz so we can focus on the quality and the developing process of our personalized skincare set orders.

If it is available, you can take our skin quiz which will identifies the best active ingredients for your skin concerns and creates 3 custom formulas exclusive for your skin.

Say bye-bye to blackheads, acne, whiteheads and clogged pores.



By filling out the 2-minute Skin Quiz™, CRYSTAL SECRET formulates 3 custom skincare products powered by a specific skincare routine to target your skin concerns.


Our CRYSTAL SECRET skincare products are formulated and maxed only with natural, clean & non-toxic ingredients.


The power behind CRYSTAL SECRET is our award-winning Skin Project™ database, which uses the wisdom of 3,500 scientific papers and 8 Million consumer reviews to understand what works for you.


What works for you is different from me and he and her. Because you don’t need hordes of lotions and gels, salves, and oils cluttering your shelves.

The future of skincare is simplified and completely individual.



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Lora M.

Age Range: 25 - 34

Gender: Female

I'm in love with my set

17 Hours Ago

My skin has never looked so good.

I took the skin quiz and got a perfect set of 3 products for my skin. My pimples and acne were gone in a couple of days.

Rachelle T.

Age Range: 18 - 24

Gender: Female

My friend told me about it

1 Day Ago

Wish I knew about it sooner.

I found the perfect solution for my messy skin. My acne was the worst nightmare for me, but not anymore. Every woman needs this.

Ava-Rose M.

Age Range: 35 - 44

Gender: Female

I am not using make-up anymore

3 Days Ago

Perfect for my skin.

Amazed by the results so far. I've always had temperamental skin and I've become a complete product fanatic to deal with all of the fluctuations. Crystal Secret is a perfect system for me because it's so simple and effective. Game changer. And my skin is calmer and clearer than it's been in a decade.


Real providers take your skin personally

Forget using 15 different products for your skin. In our Crystal Secret Skincare Set you have everything you need in 3 multi-functional bottles.

We’re here for your skin’s full journey.

Ready to go make-up free and show that radiant and glowing skin to the world?

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